Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention

At Performance Chiropractic, we have a passion to help the athletes of our community rise to the next level of performance in their sport. The doctors enjoy local high school sports, volunteering in the community, and contributing to the success of its athletics programs. Individual education provided at Performance Chiropractic include:

• Treatment for sports injuries

• Functional rehabilitation after surgery

• ACL injury screening & prevention

• Dynamic warm-up routine instruction

Injuries such as shoulder problems in pitchers, ankle and hip problems in soccer players, and knee trouble in basketball and volleyball players or runners are some of the conditions seen very often in high school sports. We can provide very effective, conservative treatment for these conditions. Injuries are approached from a functional standpoint. Restrictive soft tissues and joints are released and then the athlete is given exercises to rehabilitate the area that directly pertain to their sport. This improves the dysfunction while speeding re-entry back into their sport. We have the diagnostic knowledge and skill to recognize fractures and soft tissue tears in order to get these athletes the proper treatment as soon as possible in such cases.

ACL injury screening procedures are available for jumping and hard-cutting athletes to help predict and avoid problems with this all-too-commonly torn structure. Female jumping athletes are the prime target for this screening due to their predisposition to ACL tear and knee instability. ACL injury prevention programs are also available for teams to utilize.

It is great that teams have a warm-up regimen before games and practice, but many times this warm-up consists of stretching cold muscles and the routine doesn’t functionally apply to the sport. A dynamic routine that activates the stabilizing structures of the body and warms up the musculature before a stretching routine is available for local teams to prevent injury and optimize performance.

At Performance Chiropractic our goal for local athletes and our patients is “performance enhancement at all levels.” Let us help you or your team gain the edge in your sport.

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