Neck pain

We treat almost as many neck related complaints
as back injuries.

 Neck pain:
 Common with neck complaints are headaches. Studies are documenting that our western culture is experiencing an increase in neck related complaints. Many believe this is due to the long hours of sitting at a computer without taking a break to stretch and relax. 

Neck pain is caused by several common pain generators.

Supportive Joints (facet or zygoapophyseal)

Intervertebral Disc Pathology (herniated or stages of degeneration)

Muscular Strain

Ligamentous Sprain


Fascial Irritation

Fascial irritation has been receiving more attention in recent years. Facia surrounds the muscle, and with trauma may be enlarged by scar tissue formation that can lead to chronic reoccurring neck pain. 

These factors combined with long hours at the computer, stress of daily life, and common degenerative changes ( weight-bearing joints and discs) make it surprising more of use do not have neck complaints. 

Many neck complaints are related to whiplash or post-motor vehicle accident cases. It is surprising how much tissue trauma occurs to our necks when two cars collide. We take a pro-active approach to the treatment of whiplash. Incorporating manipulation, exercise and soft-tissue techniques helps whiplash cases recover as fast as any treatment approach observed today. 

In addition to exercise, manipulation and soft-tissue techniques for neck/headache complaints, we may use decompression therapy. In certain cases, decompression therapy can be a very effective tool helping to increase the rate of recovery and reduce pain levels.

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